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Ethical & Ecological

Buying products that are manufactured in the UK cuts down the cost of fuel emissions used in transportation and reduces your carbon footprint. This is not only good for the environment, it is also good for your client’s corporate image. We are committed to the highest standards of ecological awareness and sustainable practices and have recently installed solar panels as a solution to the energy challenges of today.

Typically, we have a 10-15 day lead time, however if you have a specific date requirement
shorter than this please contact us as we will always do our best to meet this at no additional cost.

With high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat sales, we are happy to provide you with ideas and solutions, samples and visuals on how to get the very best product.

Our Quality Commitment

Most of our fragrances contain essential oils in varying percentages. Oil purity is an important concern when purchasing products that contain essential oils. There are many different grade of oils and we only use the highest quality grade in out fragrances, carrying a richer bouquet and making the overall effect more intense than the lower grade oils. All our fragrances are manufactured in the UK complying with both EU regulations and IFRA guidelines (International Fragrance Association). IFRA is the official representative body of the fragrance industry worldwide. Its main purpose is to ensure the safety of fragrance materials through a dedicated science programme, helping both the consumer and the environment. All fragrances can be supplied with up to date health and safety data sheets and any relevant allergen information.